By digital marketing expert Jim Stewart of StewART Media

We’ve always been told that the aim for our blog posts is to be number one. That achieving first position on page one of Google through organic traffic is the target of any blog or online business.

Well what if I was to tell you that you can now climb higher than number one? – because you can! And it  makes a world of difference to your traffic.

I’m going to show you how utilising a particular feature of Google can help you to a prominent position on the first page of Google – making good use of Rich Answers.

What are rich answers?

If you’ve ever searched for a particular term, or have been seeking the answer to a particular question, you will have noticed that above the list of organic search results there is an information box.

This information box contains a short answer to your search query and is Google’s way of attempting to answer your search without requiring you to click through to a website. The official moniker for this box is ‘rich answers,’ but it is also referred to as ‘featured answers,’ or ‘featured snippets.’

The feature has been around for some time, but is now prominent for recipes, maps, some product searches, and quick answers.

Google splits the results for rich answers into three distinct categories:

1. Featured Snippets

Google extracts these answers from third party websites and displays them above the organic search results.

For example, If we were to type in a particular question:


How Bloggers Can Benefit From Google’s Rich Answers

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